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Urban Biotopes: InSideOut

Interdisciplinary Project
Visual Culture & Biosciences
Student's Exhibition – Summer 2011

Together with and as part of the regular student's exhibition at Kunstfabrik Sophienstraße, students of the interdisciplinary course "Biotope City (II)" created an exhibition based on our course work and inspired by our summer term research.

Small sod for the window sill (AG OtdoorsIndoors) in the exhibition
[Photo: Verena Kuni cc-by-nc-sa]

For more info and documentation: see the related entry in German.
For more pictures see the gallery Urban Biotopes InsideOut (under construction)
For background info see the the project page Biotope City Frankfurt

Project Exhibition
Urban Biotopes : InSideOut
Kunstfabrik Sophienstraße (and beyond…)
Wed July 13, 2011 – Fr July 15, 2011 from 12 a.m. till 8 p.m.
Opening: Tuesday, July 12 2011 – 6 p.m.

projects: Biotope City Frankfurt, HOW2: DIY SCI

tags: aesthetics, architecture, biology, biosciences, city, ecology, education, gardens & gardening, geography, history of science, sociology, space, sustainability, topography, topology, urban cultures, urban research, visual culture, walking