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Bee Gardens: Short Summer Status Report

Bee Garden News
August 15, 2011

While the bee garden monitoring is of course being continued until late autumn, we should give at least a very brief half-time review.
It's astonishing to observe how differently the five gardens have been developing over the last months, each seeing it's very own ups and downs.

Same seed mixtures, similar weather conditions – but the different environments and micro-climates were obviously decisive for growth (at large and in detail) and life of the plants.

However, we'll keep with the monitoring (until october at least), and the documentation to be published later will not only come with the photos, but with a more detailed report as well.

You can follow our proceedings by browsing the Bee Garden Galleries (currently located in the section Galleries only, but we'll embed them on the Bee Gardens project page soon as well).

For basic infos about our Bee Gardens see the Bee Gardens Frankfurt 2011 portrait page.

projects: Bee Gardens, Bee Hive, Biotope City Frankfurt

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